Welcome to TMS3

Flash Media Group's TMS3 provides a scalable mobile communications platform offering a wide variety of messaging solutions and integration options across all South African mobile networks.

Using any of our simple and clear integration methods, your existing business information systems can be easily expanded to leverage:

  • Bulk SMS messaging - with immediate reply channel. Connect with thousands of your customers in an instant and enable them to provide valuable feedback directly to you with a built-in reply-to channel.
  • High-volume USSD. Engage in real-time interactive communication with any mobile handset and deliver a rich mobile experience to your customers without the need for any installation or configuration on the phone.
  • Premium-rated SMS, online mobile billing, Outlook Mobile Service and Thunderbird SMS integration, and more.
All mobile services provided by TMS3 are made available through several standards-based integration technologies including an easy-to-user REST-like web api using HTTP GET/POSTs, SOAP webservices, and e-mail. Alternatively, feel free to contact us directly for a custom-developed all-inclusive solution.
Services Available
SMS info
Premium-rated and bulk

Personal or shared keyword-based short codes and bulk SMS messaging.

USSD info

Real-time communications with high throughput and reliability.

OBS info

Easy-to-use event-based billing system for one-time or subscription-based invoicing.

LBS info

GPS-free positioning solutions for location-aware applications.